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B Yoga

Fit from Home + The Class on Demand

Fit from Home + The Class on Demand

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Turn on the streaming workout. Turn up the burn. This trio of fitness tools is made for sculpting anywhere—at home, in a hotel room, or outdoors. Ideal for barre, Pilates, and HIIT workouts, The Build Bands offer two levels of resistance to tone and strengthen muscles. Use The Hand & Face Towel to wick away sweat, and the insulated H2O Bottle to keep water as hot or cold as you want it.

The Fit From Home Bundle includes:
-The Build Bands in Slate
-The H2O Bottle in Onyx
-The Hand & Face Towel in Vintage Waffle


The Build Bands’ interior grip keeps them from sliding around during workouts.

The Hand & Face Towel is made from highly absorbent 100% cotton

The stainless-steel H2O Bottle is coated in suede-like rubber to keep drinks hot or cold. 

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