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TEA - Enjoy our well thought-out picks for Canadian made loose leaf herbal teas by Tealish! Our collection focuses on remedies for stress, sleep, detox, colds as well as some good energy tea mixes. The healthy organic ingredients found in each tea and the aromas (which smell soooo good) will have you coming back for more! Packaged in a tin for extra longevity and stackability, these teas will provide you with some well-deserved relaxation and calm.  Try the wellness tea collection to get started!

COFFEE - A healthier alternative to regular coffee is our best pick for mushroom coffee, by Mushup. Another Made in Canada product, try one of three flavours to help with your digestive system, while improving your concentration. This coffee tastes the same as regular coffee but has added health benefits and contains less caffeine. Mushroom coffee can provide reduce anxiety and inflammation. Read product description for more information and to find the right flavour for you!

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