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Cell Phone Armband and Lanyard - Black

Cell Phone Armband and Lanyard - Black

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When you need easy access to your smartphone while you’re running, hiking, biking, walking, or just out and about, nothing beats JupiterGear’s cell phone armband and lanyard. In two seconds you can insert your phone, and you’re ready to go. The silicon design keeps your phone secure and the open-face style makes handling a breeze!

Get inspired and realize your full potential with our innovative and smart fitness solutions created with unwavering standards and an athlete’s eye. From triathlons to your daily fitness routine to a walk along the beach, we have the products that will gear you up so you can push past your limits.

Features at a Glance:

  • Hands-free access
  • Reliable and secure design
  • A variety of colors to suit your style
  • Durable, breathable material
  • Functional silicone flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Expandable
  • Fully adjustable - Band stretches from 27cm to 42cm
  • Universal phone compatibility
  • Great for many activities

HANDS-FREE ACCESS: The universal cell phone armband and lanyard work perfectly when you are on the go—whether you are completing a marathon, jogging on the beach, or just running errands. It’s a great solution for easy access to your phone without obstructing your active lifestyle. Excellent for sports, concerts, traveling, kids, seniors, or anyone who wants their cell phone nearby without having to hold it in their hand.
RELIABLE AND SECURE: The strong, dependable design ensures your phone is secure during your run, hike, outdoor activities, cycling, and travel. The silicon holder protects your phone and allows you to move without worrying about dropping your phone. You can even store your ID or credit card for handy retrieval.
COMFORTABLE STYLE: Constructed of high-quality, stretchy material that is soft to the touch, the phone armband is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear. The neck strap on the lanyard is gentle on your skin, smooth and comfortable, and they are both available in a variety of colors to match your own personal style.  
FUNCTIONAL AND PRACTICAL: The phone holder and lanyard both feature an innovative design that makes it convenient to adjust the angle and find just the right position for you to easily switch your music or access the camera for photos. You can even detach the phone holder completely and wear it as a wrist strap or attach it to your backpack or any zipper.  

SIMPLE OPEN-FACE HANDLING: The running phone armband and lanyard both allow for effortless handling with an open-face design that makes touching the screen simple. Without taking it out from the case, you can access your apps, text, and take selfies conveniently during all your activities.
UNIVERSAL PHONE COMPATIBILITY: Accommodates the latest phones from Apple, Google, HTC, Huawei, Kyocera, Motorola, Samsung and ZTE including iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Note 9, Note 8, Pixel, Huawei, LG, Xperia, OnePlus, Moto and more.

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