Top 10 Wellness & Self-Care Products, According to You

While we believe that wellness & self-care needs vary according to each individual’s lifestyle, we polled some of our customers to see which products were most helpful on their wellness journey. Listed below, in no particular order, are our customers’ top 10 favourite products, along with some helpful tips and reasons why they made the list.

Averie SleepAdah Zebra Print Pajama Set by AVERIE SLEEP
Looking fabulous doesn’t have to end when you go to sleep. Slipping into something cool, silk-like and smooth, can actually make you feel incredible before  you go to bed. We all have a pair of favourite cozy pair - These pajamas provide that comfort that will have you wanting to wear them all day!


Stress Relief Soy Candle by Sweet Water Decor

Relax and uplift your mood with our all-natural & handmade "Stress Relief " Soy Wax Candle. Add it to your meditation sessions, relaxing bath, or while reading a book. Allow your body to relax next to the candle flame and enjoy soaking in the scents and surroundings.


The Body Bands - Black, Shadow, Cacao by BYoga 

Compact and lightweight, the Body Bands are a great toning solution for small spaces, home gyms, or while traveling.  Stretching is such an important part of maintaining good physical well-being. It’s one of the main reasons why yoga has become so popular over the last couple of decades. Using bands can help you target those hard-to-reach muscles you can’t easily get to. These bands aren’t plastic, which makes them so much more desirable. To read more about the benefits of stretching, click here.


Fit from Home + The Class on Demand by BYoga

In addition to the product above, this bundle is for those taking stretching to the next level. Includes body bands, a water bottle, and a towel. Ideal for barre, pilates, and HIIT workouts, The Build Bands offer two levels of resistance to tone and strengthen muscles. Perfect for at home, travel or outdoors.


The Hush Blackout Eye Mask by HUSH

Getting the right quality and quantity of sleep can be difficult for many. Finding the right products and creating the right environment is an important part of this journey. Those who struggle with sleep should also consider reducing stress, calming the mind, avoiding liquid before sleep, and seeing a doctor to rule out medical conditions. Not all products work for everyone in the same way. If reducing light is your goal, the Hush Blackout Eye Mask will help you fall asleep faster and have you wake up feeling more refreshed. Its adjustable eyecups will allow your eyes to "float" suspended without any fabric pressing against them. 

Hush Iced 2.0 Cooling Sheet and Pillowcase Set by HUSH

The Iced 2.0 sheets are one of our customers’ favourite products. Soft and cozy, plus luxurious. No pilling, and every wash makes it as soft as butter without losing the cooling effect. Made of 100% organic viscose bamboo, this wrinkle-free cooling sheet and pillowcase are feel-good items that will help you create a better sleep environment.


The Hush Classic Weighted Blanket with Duvet Cover by HUSH

One of the more expensive items in our store, but well worth the investment, Hush Weighted Blanket helps turn stress and anxiety into 100% CALM. Soft, comfy and relaxing, this blanket is heavy and feels like a much-needed bear hug. This classic blanket has changeable covers. It comes with the classic soft cover made of bamboo fibers. The inner weighted blanket is also made of a super comfortable microfibre material, which means you can sleep directly under it too. For the hot summer days, switch to the Iced 2.0 Cover, made to stay cool all night long.

Lavender Bud Sachet by Lavande

Our customers just rave to us about this product. Its fresh smell of lavender can be used almost anywhere, including dresser drawers to keep out mildew smell from your clothes, hung in the car, a gym bag, made into a popery and so much more. Lavender straight from a farm in California.

Sleep Bath Bubbles (Lavender & Mint) by Bathologist

Enjoy those quiet moments in the bath tub with this lavender & mint bubble bath. Soak away those worries and tense muscles by adding a little bit of this solution to your bath before bedtime.



We have several different journals available in our paper, novelty and stationary collection. We encourage individuals to write down their thoughts on pen and paper as we believe there is something more personal, meditative and intimate about doing so that can’t be achieved through digital journaling on your laptop, phone, or tablet. We encourage you to read our blog post on motivation.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our top 10 Wellness & Self-care products of our store. Share with us your experience by commenting below on with any of these products.



Disclaimer: Please consult your medical professional before use. We are not doctors or researchers; we are only promoting benefits our staff/ customers have experienced after using the product over several months. Product experiences and benefits can vary person to person.

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