Finding Motivation Within You


Motivation. What comes to mind when you think of this word? Exercise? Goals? Inspiration? An idol you aspire to? No matter what personal connection you have to this word, it can be incredibly difficult to execute and maintain.

You can find articles online giving you tips on how to become motivated to change your behavior or do something better for yourself. Truthfully, you must be the one to wake up one day and say to yourself “I am going to do this and commit to it”, and this isn’t always easy. It is a lifestyle choice you need to make for yourself. The tools and tips can guide you, but it’s a personal choice you need to make for yourself. Motivation can be applied to any goal you want to set for yourself, such as healthy eating, exercising or kicking a bad habit.

Sometimes, unfortunate or catastrophic events force change and new habits to be adopted. But, even in those moments, how do you maintain this motivation?

Ask yourself: “What is holding me back? How do I change this? Am I in the right environment that will allow me to fulfill this goal? Am I surrounded by the right people? How do I manage this? What is stopping me today from achieving my goals?” And the most important question of all: “Am I happy?”

Evaluating your situation and being real with yourself will allow you to get one step closer to creating a plan for yourself. One thing that has helped me throughout my life is keeping a journal. Putting down my thoughts and feelings on paper allowed me to set goals and reminders to myself. But it’s something about writing things down in ink over typing them that for me was distinctly different and kept me motivated.

Through those notes, I was able to:

  1. Be reminded of my goals because I forced myself to write them down and keep track of progress
  2. Come up with a realistic plan that spoke to me (and only me)
  3. Reflect, evaluate what went right/wrong, and pivot when needed
  4. Remind myself not to give up!

Any time I put away these notes and not look at them daily, was when I lost motivation. But we can only reflect back and not give up! Right? 

Have you tried keeping a journal? Has keeping a journal helped you? How do you connect with your inner self?  Drop us a comment below!

Disclaimer: MyMien promotes self-love and self-care that is specific to one’s own life and situation. Please do not compare yourself to anyone - the path you are on is yours and no one else’s. You are beautiful and have a unique shine to you. The blog is opinion-based and is a personal reflection and experience that might reflect differently from someone else’s view. The products we sell are items that can help improve your mood and health and may not work for everyone. Always consult your physician for physical and mental health related matters.

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