What is 'Self-Care'? And 10 tips to get you started!

How often do you find yourself tired, unmotivated, down or even unhappy? No matter how well you try to hide it, your mood or energy can be felt by others. Most of the time, the world can feel chaotic or negative, bringing our mood down. So why is self-care important and how can we better understand it? What advice can we offer to help?

Self-care means taking the time to heal yourself or the negative mood surrounding you, and it may not happen in one instant. Self-care is an ongoing, everyday journey. We all need self-care; some people more than others. Maybe you are tired and just need some time for yourself to re-boot, re-think or re-evaluate. In essence, you pause to explore your mind, body and soul. Asking yourself ‘Am I okay today’? What do I need? How can I repair myself in the most effective way? What can I do to make myself better today?

What self-care is not, is being completely selfish and thoughtless towards others. Ignoring or shutting down others. Blaming others. Lashing out. Projecting negativity because something did not go our way. We all need to understand that our surroundings, including our home, job, friends & family, help shape our lives and our mood. Creating a self-care routine is not only important, but necessary for one’s inner happiness.  

It means taking some extra time in your day, week or month for yourself, if warranted to do so. Especially if your time was spent mostly doing things for others. Getting back that extra energy you need to bring positivity back into your life and into the world. We are all unique and create our own happiness through our own experiences. Don’t wait for someone else to make you feel better, go out there and do it yourself!

Find something you can connect to and enjoy, whether taking a walk, finding an art project, or taking a nap. Re-charging and taking action to make your own health and mind better is your own responsibility.

Activities that you can do to try to lift yourself up:

  1.  Find a hobby that interests you (cooking, cleaning, gardening, art, knitting, reading, marital arts, etc.). Try something new.
  2. Go to the gym (yoga, cycling, etc.)
  3. Take a bath or visiting a wellness centre
  4. Join a recreational club (sign up for cooking, meditation, art classes etc.)
  5. Refresh your look – get a haircut, new clothes, nails done, massage, facial
  6. Go for a hike or walk around your neighbourhood
  7. Visit someone who makes you laugh or smile
  8. Listen to your favourite playlist
  9. Take a break from social media and the news, and devices, like your computer and cell-phone
  10.  Take a well-deserved vacation

    Did you make time for yourself today?

    Reading this article was your first nudge, now it’s time to make it happen!

    Time to make your own self-care routine.


    Disclaimer: MyMien promotes self-love and self-care that is specific to one’s own life and situation. Please do not compare yourself to anyone - the path you are on is yours and no one else’s. You are beautiful and have a unique shine to you. The blog is opinion-based and is a personal reflection and experience that might reflect differently from someone else’s view. The products we sell are items that can help improve your mood and health and may not work for everyone. Always consult your physician for physical and mental health related matters.
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