Muscle and Joint Bath Soak

Muscle and Joint Bath Soak

Essentials by Nature
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Soothe away aches and pains with this natural epsom salt bath soak. This has been carefully blended with green tea, dead sea salt, pink salt and sodium bicarbonate and refreshing essential oils. Soak your body in a soothing botanical bath while your mind relaxes.


Magnesium Sulphate, Dead sea salt, Himalayan Pink salt, Camellia sinensis (green tea) extract, Sodium Bicarbonate, Lavendula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil, Origanum marjorama (marjoram) oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (rosemary) oil, Benzoin, and Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf oil. 

Recommended use

Dissolve 1-2 scoops in a warm tub, and enjoy! Soak for 20-30 minutes for maximum benefit. As a skin scrub, apply to damp skin and massage in a circular motion to warm muscles and gently exfoliate the skin. Rinse off in the shower or bath.
  • For external use only
Disclaimer by Supplier
As every individual is unique, not all products will work for everyone. All Essentials by Nature products are healthier remedies, not a cure. The information provided serves only as a general guideline, as everyone has different needs and responds differently to natural remedies. Many people have success with essential oils and natural products, however, some do not. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness on each individual. 

Made in Canada