What are the benefits of using a weighted blanket?

Have you tried a weighted blanket to improve your sleep? Is this a new fad or the real deal? Can a weighted blanket really help you sleep better? There are many researchers and doctors who recommend trying a weighted blanket to help improve your sleep. But, do you know what the potential health benefits are?


  1. 'Pressure Therapy' Solution - helps you not turn and toss as much in your sleep. Deep pressure and touch stimulation combats anxiety, stress and depression
  2. Improves Mood Boosting Hormone - Similar to a hug, this blanket gives a sense of security and good feeling that releases the Oxytocin hormone
  3. Reduces Stress Hormone - Brings a sense of comfort and relaxation to your body, lowering the stress hormone, cortisol 
  4. Increases levels of melatonin - Studies suggest that those who used a weighted blanket slept better throughout the night because the blanket provided an increased level of melatonin, a hormone released at night and associated with control of the sleep–wake cycle 
  5. Eases Pain – through deep pressure stimulation, similar to what you get during a massage, a weighted blanket stimulates the release of neurotransmitters that help alleviate sensations of pain

    We would love for you to comment below and tell us about your experiences with using a weighted blanket. Did it work for you?

    We would also like to suggest, before deciding of a weighted blanket, make sure you know the following:

    1. Which weight and size is best for you
    2. The season in which you intend to use the blanket (know the difference between hot and cool covers)
    3. Return Policy and Manufacturer’s Warranty
    4. How to care for your weighted blanket

    It only made sense for us to include a weighted blanket as part of our wellness and self-care sleep collection. Even if it gave someone a feeling of comfort and ease throughout the night this to us was a no brainer. 

    To view the HUSH blanket we sell, click here.

    Please feel free to reach out to our customer service agent through live chat for questions you might have about weighted blankets we offer. 


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    Disclaimer: Please consult your medical professional before use. We are not doctors or researchers; we are only promoting benefits our staff have experienced after using the product over several months. Product experiences and benefits can vary person to person.
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